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Things I Learned in Gr.5

Shark Water


Today we had this movie maker come to our school Rob Stewart and he made this Movie called Shark Water. and our school was the first people in Asia to watch it, it was a really good movie because it was about Rob Stewart trying to help the sharks and other creatures. Because in China mostly they will cut out the sharks fin, to make shark fin soup and they mostly use it in weddings and other important occasions. After they cut the shark’s fin they throw the shark back into the water. You guys should go and watch the movie. Also if you would like to see his blog HERE & WEBSIT!!! GO CHECK IT OUT PLEASE.

2383573958_1ed5534100ROB STEWART YOU ROCK!!!!

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Grade 6 Exhibition


Hello again blog readers,

Today i’m going to be writing about the Grade 6 Exhibition that is going on in our school. Our class had 3-4 groups come in to do a presentation. The one i really liked was the animal abuse because i really love animals and i was so happy that they had a idea of stopping animal abuse because animals have feelings too. They had really good ideas of stopping animal abuse by don’t hit them or don’t make them starve or be in pain. So they did a really good job of making a presentation. Next almost to the end they said please share the message by telling everyone to stop animal abuse PLEASE. even thought you don’t like animals or you hate them because they are furry. So think back and see that animals are like humans because they also have feelings. THNIK BACK PLEASE AND HELP STOP ANIMAL ABUSE. THANK YOU.


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I hope you enjoy this Keyboard.

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Challenge # 10- Part B

What were your first impressions of this blog?
 What captured your attention?
 What distracted you on the blog?
 What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

What were your first impressions of this blog?

Well organized

 What captured your attention?

The back ground

 What distracted you on the blog?

Mario Borthers

 What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

Maybe you can provide a “Thought for the Day”or “A riddle of the day”. This will attract readers everyday to look for something fun.

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Poem of The Year!


Hi everyone,

here is a poem that i found and i hope you enjoy this poem.

If Dogs Run Free:

If dogs run free
Then they would eat me.
Or some such other act
Unless I’d make a pact
Not to eat them back.

If dogs run free
There would be no more cats,
They’d be lost in the breeze
And we’d be overrun with rats
Until we set tons of traps.

If dogs run free
They would rule the world,
The Stars and Stripes would be furled
And humans would be on their knees
Begging for a treat.

By: Jackson Keogh.

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Challenge #10- Part A


Hi I’m doing Challenge 10 which is probably the last challenge before the awards gets announced so GOOD LUCK to everyone who is doing the student blog Challenge. If you would like to join  Click here.

I wrote 50 posts.

I got 8 comments from Teachers, I got 7 post from Students and 17 comments from overseas Students.

I got a TIE because i had 2 posts which had 3 comments so it is called: My Blog Fact and Photo Of The Day it was about a fat giraffe. I think these 2 post recicved the most comments because it was interesting it was about how many blog post i had and comments and the other one’s picture i think was catchy because it was a fat giraffe, and i thought that people might like it so that is why i chose this photo.

Actually none of my post was my favourite because i enjoyed writing most cause when you type something and by your words you can actually tell your feelings.

I changed my blog theme to this one because it'”s catchys more girl attention cause i don’t think boys will like this them. I also chose this one cause it looks about fancy and i like it.

i have 11 widgets i think it is good now because before i use to have 22 widgets but i deleted some cause i realized that it looked to messy and i don’t think that people will like my blog MESSY.

I’m finish……

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New Unit: Who We Are


Hi everyone,

In our grade we are learning about the Human Body and we are studying the Human body because if something happens to use we will know what is happening also it is very interesting because you get to see mostly everything in your body. You should go check it out on youtube.

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Camp (Cheung Chau Island)


Hi Blog readers,

On May,12 we went to the awesome camp and we all had groups my group was the Orange group our teacher was Mr.Lawani.

So we had lots of fun we had this activity called the Amazing Race and we had walk all over Cheung Chau Island finding the answer for the question. We went the the Dragon Fly people and we got to Tie Dye shirt with patterns to wear. So hope you guys go and visit Cheung Chau and last but not we went to the pirate cave and it was very dark we had 1 minuet of silent with all over flash lights of and it was quite scary at first but, if you go yourself it will take just 2 minuets to walk through the whole cave and you had to be very slim to get out of the cave at the end because it is a very narrow path. Thank you to the dragon fly people and the Teachers because they helped organize this awesome camp. thank_you_comment_graphic_01.gif

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Challenge #9


For this week we have a new Challenge it is mostly about internet.  So when I clicked on Online User i figured out that age  18-21 uses the internet the MOST if you want to see the chart take a look. So there are also lots of Category my Category was Young Teen from age 12-17 and we came in second for Internet stuff.

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Festival of The Arts @ Awesome C.D.N.I.S


Hi Blog Readers,
This week we have a very special events like Teacher show case they show there Talent. Also we have Student Show case the students show there Talent to people to. So on Monday we had Choir exchange we had Kennedy School, Kellet School and last but not least Singapore International School and we listened to there songs. But the most special thing is that on Friday May7th we have alot of performances. I’m in 3 Choir,Gymnastic and chinese Dance. So every year we mostly have Festival of the Arts and it is really exciting. Also Today we had Student show case some students they sang they played the electric guitare and they played piano. So we also had Silent Theatre it was really funny.

CDNIS+Festival of The Arts Want to know more Click on the Link.

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